2004 International CE200 T444E

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Published: June 6, 2021 (3 years ago)
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I am a retired, military maintenance test pilot, with 28 years mechanical background. I performed all the maintenance and repairs on this bus however it is being sold as is. It is in excellent condition but I’ve only driven it for about 3 months so obviously I don’t know everything about it, but I know it’s dependable. I drove it daily for a month to assess the maintenance needed. Everything works or it was replaced. I run a family owned business. I thought I would have time to build a Skoolie but I just simply don’t; so we’re selling her. All the hard stuff is finished. She’s ready to build. I am the 3rd owner, and we have the original build sheet and title. I will list everything we have done, but mechanically this bus can go anywhere. Allison 2500 PST transmission is a 6 speed with double overdrive. Bus cruises nicely at 70 mph. Ford Senior Master Technician says 7.3L Diesel is in great shape. I love this bus, I just don’t have the time right now. Maybe later we’ll give it another go. Please study the photos well, as $1000s of dollars of new equipment is going with her to include a 3000W Powerdrive and 5 gallons of Henry’s. Those 2 items alone were $700. Also notice I kept all the receipts and box lids with part numbers for everything we corrected on the bus. 

Serpintine Belt and AC Belt replaced. 2 new belts come with her as spares.

Fuel/H2O Separator replaced.

Transmission internal/external filter and fluid replaced with Allision Synthetic@$15 a quart. 6 new quarts come with bus.

Rear End Fluid Replaced.

Engine Oil and Filter replaced. 15W40.

Lubed/Greased entire chasis to include front hubs.

All air brake lines inspected/and or replaced.

Passenger windshield wiper fluid port replaced. Yes I’m that anal.

All lights on bus replaced except most upper lights (x8). Red/Amber combos. Notice in parts pictures I have a box of 8ea white LED lights to replace those with and turn them into driving and night lights.

Main entry door seal replaced. Door is pneumatic and works perfectly.

Air leak at engine firewall corrected with new 3 way air port.

Dual AC Controllers replaced, and both AC systems serviced with new freon.

All new audio system installed. 10.5″ touch screen with NAV, Airplay and Android sync, with voice activation. Kicker AMP, 10 sub and 2 Kicker 6x9s. $1500. Sounds amazing.

Air Filter replaced.

New Air Ride seat. 2 new Captain’s Chairs come with bus.

Glow Plug Relay replaced.

AC Relays (x2) replaced.

New headlighs installed.

I hope you enjoy your journey. I had a blast bringing her back to life. Lou. 

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SOLD! This ad has been sold and is no longer available.
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