2011 Chevrolet 4500 Fully Converted Bus Life 955 (100% Off-Grid)

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Published: February 3, 2022 (2 years ago)
Express 4500
VIN Number

For sale, 60k USD $ fully converted Shuttle bus.  

We plan to sell it around February 12 at Vegas, we are still driving with it. 

All details bellow but please ask if you have any questions. Ask for more pictures of storage and other. 

Titled as motorhome/RV

Asking 60k USD OBO. 

The vehicle:

-2011 Chevy Express 4500

6.6l Duramax diesel engine

6L90 transmission

-It will get around 155k miles

-Very good service history, allways at Chevrolet dealership (I provide a carfax for this) 

-6 Michelin Crossclimate Tires all around (WINTER & SUMMER) change before we hited the road so they will get about 10k miles, you still have a lot to do with it. 

-We’ll make a regular service maintenance before to delivery the bus as well. 

-DPF deleted (we get it stolen during night …) straight pipe and tuned made

-Cruise control and AC. 

-Diesel filter changed on January 2022

-Transmission oil changed on January 2022

The conversion:

-We’ve removed old insulation, wood and everything else to get access to the chassis. 

We’ve treated the chassis and frame cabin and painted it with rust paint (see picture), the chassis was in a good shape. 

-We fix all small leaks all around

-We insulated floor, top and walls and put a vapor barrier as well. 

-We’ve use only real tiles in the kitchen, shower and stairs

-We use real wood for flooring and all different wall trims. 

Electric system:

-480 amp of lifepo4 batteries 12v with heater pad for winter

-250 amp bms

-3500W inverter pur sinusoidal (7000w max)

-600w (3x200w) of monocrystalin solar pannel (limited at 520w by the mppt charge controler)

-40 amp renogy mppt charge controler

-60 amp renogy dc dc charger (with swith to active it, if desired)

-12v converter when you plug in the bus 

-All equipment protect with ANL fuses

-Distribution panel (110v AC fuses and 12v DC fuses)

-110v AC plugs every where 

Our bus is 100% off grid, we almost never plug it, you can stay in middle of no where during a week and the solar panel will charge your battery for your need, in summer or winter. 

The only reason you could want plug the bus is if you don’t drive during few days and you want to run the ac all day long in summer. If you drive you can run the ac because the dc dc charger will cover the energy needed. 

Water system:

-Water pump 4 GPM with heater pad for winter 

-Accumulator 125 PSI

Interior Propane water heater 2,64 GPM

-Fresh water tank 50 gal underneath the bed with heater pad for winter

Grey water tank 25 gal underneath the floor with heater pad for winter

-All water pipe build with PEX pipe with compress copper crimp



-Propane stove 

-Propane oven

AC Retro Frigidaire (drain about 5 amp when it’s runing)

-wall tiles

-Wood countertop

Bathroom area:


-Tiles on wall and floor

-Space for your toilet

-Storage on the side parallel to the windows

-Plexiglass partion betwen shower and bed

Bedroom area

-Bed with extention

-60’x67´with 8’ extention

So 60’x75’ when extended (could be more extended if desired)

-Dressing area 

-Ac runing on 110v, drain about 30 amps slow speed and 60 full speed. 

The rest:

-Diesel heater which work great. 

-12v Van/Fan

-Sony home cinéma sound system with one subwoofer (hided in storage on top of driver seat), long speacker (on top of driver seat), two small speacker (one on right corner after door entrance, second one in the corner after the kitchen cabinet) 

-2 Skylight dome, one on the middle and second one in the entrance 

-Thermal curtains, one big curtain cover the front of the vehicle (not on the picture) 

Roofdeck (half deck, half solar panel) 

We hold each support in the cabin frame directly 

-Telescopic ladder

-Extended table (with lengh when fully extended) 

-Garage underneff the bed with a lot of storage space. 

Sofa made with memory foarm mattress and fake leather. 

-Storage underneath the sofa

-3 passenger belt in the sofa (one extra if needed)

-4g wifi modem SIM 

-Bike rack

SOLD! This ad has been sold and is no longer available.
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