1996 Blue Bird Full size Skoolie

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by Charlie Beyer
Published: October 5, 2023 (2 months ago)
Full Size School Bus
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This converted full size school bus is fully ready to move in! Has been occupied year round in VT over the last 10 years, woodstove, propane heater, DC and AC electric systems, water heater, full kitchen, shower and composting toilet. Tons of storage, 220 sf of space, and designed to be really lived in.This bus was first lived in by my wife and I for 5 years and now as an accessory dwelling on our property, we’re selling as we are moving onto a sail boat and don’t want to worry about the bus.

More specifics:

Water: year round ability to run off of 25 gallon built in tank (won’t freeze as long as the bus is kept warm), and when it’s warm enough outside that the hose won’t freeze you can run directly off of a standard 3/4″ hose with no need to fill the tank. Pump (when using the tank) and hot water heater run off DC electric system, so no plug in is required to use them. Hot water heater is a Girard GSWH-2 propane system. Hot water to the shower, hand sink, and kitchen sink.

Electric: AC plug in for normal outlets and lights, outlets conveniently placed, including an exterior GFCI. AC runs off extension cord. DC runs off marine deep cycle battery and powers essential systems of water, heat recovery vent (brings fresh air into the bus), and the fan for the composting toilet. Our electric bill was never more than $40/month (225KwH), and highest in the winter when we were gone for extended periods and left an electric space heater running to keep the plumbing warm. Typically $8-12/month (70KwH).

Kitchen: Plenty of counter space, so you can really cook. Two bay sink with sprayer nozzle. Small fridge, but it does have a separate freezer, runs on the AC system. Lots of storage above and below the counters. Small four-burner stove with oven and broiler drawer that runs on propane. Standing pilots have been shut off in favor of using a grill lighter to reduce the chance of accidentally venting propane into the living space. Good lights, also AC.

Heat: Primary heat source is a Waterford woodstove. In full time living in VT winters we typically burned about 2 cords of wood, and we like to keep it toasty. The stove has a soap stone lining, so even though it is a small firebox, it does stay warm for quite a while. On the coldest nights we would get up in the very early morning to stoke the fire, but the stove was always still warm. Space under the counter across from stove for kindling and wood boxes that roll in and out. Back up heat is provided by a catalytic propane heater in the back part of the bus. Very nice for getting out of the shower, but we generally didn’t use it much. Back-back-up is an AC space heater in the utility space under the sink to keep the plumbing warm when gone for extended periods of multiple days in cold weather.

Facilities: AirHead brand composting toilet, has a small DC fan to keep air circulating and divider to keep the urine out of the solids compost. Never had a smell issue, works great. You can learn more about Air Heads here: https://airheadtoilet.com/the-air-head/composting-toilet-functionality/ Shower and hand/bathroom sink are separate from the toilet. Space for toiletries etc. on shelves. Shower has a separate drain from the kitchen sink. No holding tanks, we used gravel sumps under our drains.

Insulation: Hangout space is separated from the drivers seat and the windshield and bus door by an insulated wall with double-glazed panes in the door and windows. Helps keep the living space a comfortable temperature since the front of the bus is hard to keep warm from all the glass. Also creates an entry-way for coats and shoes and keeps cold air from blowing directly into the bus when you open the door. In the summer helps keep things cool from the greenhouse effect of the windshield. The exterior has a “bus-coozy” built over the entire outside, except the floor and rear wall, to keep heat in. Fiberglass insulation with galvanized roofing on the roof and board-and-batten siding on the walls. If you were planning to tour or spend a lot of time on the road I would recommend removing this for highway travel, but the bus has been moved twice with it in place. For cold climate living it makes things way more comfortable.

Mechanical: Bus is a 1996 Blue Bird with 127,400 miles. Powered by a diesel T444E and an Alison transmission. Hasn’t been run much but always starts up with new batteries. Would recommend having filters, oil and fuel changed before starting, as it has been sitting for several years. Tires are checked but serviceable with tons of tread, if setting up stationary I wouldn’t worry about them but if going on the road would want to have them looked at and possibly replaced. Brakes unknown, again bus has been sitting a few years so they may need un-sticking.

SOLD! This ad has been sold and is no longer available.
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