2009 Ford E350 Econoline 5 Window Short Bus

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Published: August 14, 2022 (2 years ago)
E350 Econoline

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**2009 Ford E350 5 windows short school bus. 5.4 gas engine. 99.062 miles.

**Fully insulated, (Floor, walls, ceiling and above the driver dashboard)

The insulation that was used in this build is ”KNAUFINSULATION ECOBATT 3,5 inch ROLL INSULATION” Sold at Home Depot.

**3 x 100 = 300 WATT Renogy solar panels with ”Ecoflow Delta Mini Power Station” Details for the power station are:

Capacity:882WhAC Output: 1400WSolar Input: 300W

**Full size 8 inch thick memory foam bed. Dimensions are 71 inch * 52 inch

**Lots of storage underneath the bed as well as other areas inside the bus such underneath the counter top, underneath the office desk and more as you can see in the pictures.

**Kitchen area comes with a kitchen shelf above the counter top. There’s a great working twin burners and full size propane all set up!

**Mini fridge with freezer works great. I haven’t built the sink since I decided to sell the bus but there’s a spot for the sink and plumbing that I managed if I wanted to build one in the future. So you can build as your own desire.

**Shower and toilet area is located behind the driver seat and ready for customization. See pictures, there’s a little old cabinet in that spot but feel free to get rid of it if you want to build a shower/toilet. I haven’t built the shower and the toilet because I decided to sell the bus. So build as your own desire. 

**Waterproof vinyl flooring. (From floor & decor)

**Office desk (I use it as my music studio)

**There’s plenty of room (multiple) underneath the bus if you wish to mount fresh and gray water tanks. if you want to build a shower plus plumbing, you can definitely do so.

**There’s a spot for couch/chair or whatever you like to use for between office desk and the door. You can build more stuff if you need to.

**You can access to under bed storage area from inside the bus. There’s a little door I built for it. 

**There’s a curtain between the living space and driver dashboard with hangers to have more privacy at night. But window curtains are already black out curtains that no lights can go through the windows. Either from outside to inside, or inside to outside.

**Original color was yellow since it was a school bus, I painted it to the color I like. 

**Maintenances were done before inspection and registration on June 20th, 2022. Receipt is available.

**Engine is PERFECT with original mileage which is 99100.

**8 Months of Labor…

**This bus is still young. 2009 with low mileage gives you a plenty of life and experiences.

**I bought the bus from a summer camp company since they are required to replace their vehicles in some time.

SOLD! This ad has been sold and is no longer available.
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